Poker Table Details

A poker table is a specially designed table for playing poker, a classic card game. It is usually covered with baize, a coarse cloth. This cloth is commonly used in table games such as billiard and other casino games. There are many different styles of poker table developed; they can be an actual table or a foldout form. Poker tables used in most televised shows feature cameras that can view the pocket of a player, or their hole cards. Most of these tables are oval-shaped. Players are seated around the curve and the dealer at an indented area. In amateur games, poker tables may be in octagonal, oval, or round shapes, and dealer is seated using a rotating position. Typical design of poker table is that the edges are padded to raise slightly for players to rest their arms. The raised section is called the rail, in which typically holds cup holders as well. The center of a poker table is usually decorated with a logo of the casino or house where the game is held.

How to Choose a Table For Home Poker Games

If you are thinking of holding a poker party in your house, it is best to buy a poker table for that specific objective. A good poker table is a good investment for it can be used for a long period of time. If you plan to do it often, like, every weekend, invest on a high quality poker table not only to enjoy the game more but also to keep the integrity of your kitchen or dining table.

In buying a poker table, you must consider the number of players who frequently play in your house, to help you decide the size of table to purchase. You have so many options of poker tables to buy, depending on the style. You can even buy table toppers of various shapes and classes. If your budget allows you to settle for a table topper just yet, you can buy a roll up type which is usually colored blue. It is made of rubber stacking to sit firmly on the table. It is water resistant to assure long use as well. You can use it in any oval tables and fold it after use. You can also buy octagonal shaped folding table toppers which can sit 8 people. It is made of green felt and others even have chip or cup holders. It comes with a case for easy storage.

If you love to play poker at any place convenient for you, you can go for collapsible type of poker table. They are self standing and can be moved easily on any location. But if you want to have that professional feel of a casino, there are professional poker tables to invest on if you would like to impress your friends. Expect these types to be more expensive than the others since they are more superior in quality. But these poker tables are truly good investments if you want furniture that can last a lifetime. You can also ask for a custom made poker table from reputable manufacturers if you want to.