The Drastically Changing Scenario Involving Harrah and the Press

Quite a few numbers of poker chums who used to converge on Binon’s were the participants at the World Series tournament of the game. The players were more or less familiar to each other, making the event a lackluster one. Not a single person then could have visualized the enormity of poker that it is at the present.

On one hand the professional players vouch for the huge amount of prize money siphoned off from the numerous participants themselves, whereas the old players reminisce the lost days when poker was a game on a smaller platform with a humble overview. The taking over of the game by Harrah’s has triggered considerable criticism and media glare. The concerned officials at WSOP have paid heed to the suggestions and have concentrated on creating a friendlier environment on the occasion of the Main Event of the game.
changing scenario

The survey

A few days ago I received a mail from the administrative executives of WSOP that required me to answer few survey questions. The survey was done with intent to collect information from various WSOP stakeholders in regard to manage the event of poker games in a better manner. But significantly and surprisingly, the inclusion of press opinions was a fresh new endeavor indeed. I contacted Mr. Gary Thompson to inquire about the person in charge of preparing the survey questionnaire. Mr. Thompson, as the Director in the Sports and Entertainment Department’s Communications and operations cell of Harrah’s Entertainment, is an eminent figure in the field.

According to his opinions, the different reporters from various sections covering the issues of WSOP are viewed as customers by him. The surveys conducted by Harrah continuously aim for improving the experience of the players. He further adds that his work is to properly ensure the experience of the customers, in this case the journalists, at the WSOP events by laying stress on their viewpoints during the time of a specific event and also giving importance to their opinions post event. Although it is not possible to alter every thing at the WSOP from a practical point of view, but adopting few of the major suggestions of the journalists in a systematic manner would certainly improve the relationship between the media representatives and Harrah. The survey is of extreme comprehensive nature, with detailed questions on minutest of things, ranging from food service to the overall quality of organizing the tournament. Also, you can try to play online pokies if you don't like to play poker.

How to improve WSOP?

Thousands of interested people clutter the Rio streets prior to the beginning of the major event by WSOP. The fans, the players of different countries, the staff in the organizing committee and ofcourse the media representatives have a variegated views about the running of the event in a smooth manner, as they gauge the occasion from different platforms. This automatically gives birth to a virtually impossible challenge, that of complying with everyone’s opinions. Gary stated that the objective was to concentrate on the viewpoints and suggestions of each and every group involved with the event and stress on customer satisfaction for each of them that would necessarily better the overall standard of the tournament and the game. The aim was to garner voluminous inputs from different sections to improve the event.

There is no question of dithering, as the World Series of the game of poker is a mega event and enthrall thousands of people from various countries across the globe. Yet there are more tasks to be accomplished in order to further improve it. It is indeed very enthusiastic to know that the concerned organizers want to stretch further in collecting information, making policies and implementing them to improve the event beforehand of charting the thing for the year 2007 and later. Undoubtedly we well get to witness some changes in this year’s event that will hopefully be for the purpose of betterment of the occasion. Whether you are a player or a simple audience, visit Las Vegas in this summer to form your own opinion about WSOP.