Terminology in Poker Games

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Alien Card:
A card which does not belong to the deck which is being used in the play

In a poker high low game the act of declaring one's hand as the moon, low or high hand

Blind Tiger:
A Draw poker game that has a blind raise and a blind open (Open Blind and Straddle).

Block System:
A game where the blind made by a dealer would contain the first raise, open and an ante automatically

The material for preparation used by players for cheating and for marking cards like luminous inks, aniline pencils, waxes, ashes and abrasives (Daub).

(1) Any hand which is either a little-dog or a big-dog hand. (2) A hand which is an underdog. Or a Doghouse Cut

Five Card Draw:
Five Card Draw is the most popular poker game in the world

Five of a Kind:
Any five cards which are of a similar value.

Golden Glow:
A very good brand of daub (See Cosmetics)

A Seven-card game stud where the sevens and the fives are used as penalty cards as well as wild cards

In a draw poker or a stud game, improving a hand by receiving more cards in the game

Iron Duke:
A hand which is unbeatable (Ironclad Hand).

A spectator who keeps commenting

To raise or to bump the pot.

Little Cat:
Five cards which are unpaired from the three to the eight.

Little Dog:
Five cards which are unpaired from the two to the seven.

Make the Pack:
To prepare the cards by shuffling them for the purpose of dealing

A player playing an aggressive and a loose game

Nucleus Players:
The players who are regular and dependable

Shorthand for the game of high-low split in Omaha

On the Come:
To place a bet before the player has made a nice hand

Position Bet:
A bet which is placed based on the player's position rather than based on the player's hand

Posting a bet means to place the chips in a pot.

Raise Blind:
(1) To raise on a bet without having a look at the cards. (2) A compulsory raise.

Money which is taken by the Casino or the house from the pot (Rake).

Scooting means sending chips to other players after a pot is won

Screwy Louie:
Identical to Anaconda, but cards discarded have to be passed on to the person on left.

Strip Poker:
A game of poker where the one who looses the pot has to remove a clothing article

Stripped Deck:
A deck where a certain cards are intentionally removed like the deuces

Texas Special or Texas Tech:
Refer to Double-Barreled Shotgun

Three of a Kind:
Three cards which are of identical value (Treys, Triplets, Trips)

Three-Card Monte:
A three-card poker game identical to Bragg

Play where a player easily folds and very reluctantly raises

Weary Willie:
Refer to Elimination.

Wild Annie:
Refer to Double-Barreled Shotgun.

Wild Card:
A card which the player can change to a card of any suit or value as desired