Money Management Post Winning

It is very tough to transfer the money from your bank to the online poker site. Many people cannot enjoy poker only because of this reason. If you have Swiss bank accounts then you won’t face any such troubles though. You can transfer money though your Swiss bank account to your online poker playing sites. UBS AG is the poker site where you can transfer your money though Swiss bank.


Why you must choose Swiss banks:

* Privacy: If you choose Swiss Bank your privacy will be maintained with full guarantee. Swiss Bank always gives priority to their customers’ privacy and anonymity. That is why Swiss Bank has become so popular even in International Level. If all your taxes are being paid properly there is trouble at all. They just share the tax information with some secured governments only. Swiss Bank simply checks whether the poker site is legitimate or not. They also check the activities regarding these funds are completely legal in that country or if there is any hassles.

* Various types of services offered by Swiss Bank: Swiss Bank is a big and reliable name. They can provide you not only accounts and money transfer options but also investment advice and other financial help. Swiss Bank has their branches in all over the world. They provide maximum level of security to their customers and do the digital transaction in a secured way. They also provide the best class of customer services.

- Swiss banking market and their major players right now -

UBS AG is surely the largest and trusted major Swiss Bank in the world right now.

There are fifty other ones, but only this one may be considered as the major candidate that has the broad range, technology, vast resources that are needed to handle everything what will be suggested.

- How can Swiss bank help players who are stuck by various laws? -

There is no such ways to discriminate one Swiss Bank savings account with Swiss Bank account for sports, betting and pokers. In case of local bank you cannot get these facilities. Certain laws can stop you from doing so in your local bank. But if you deposit that money to your Swiss Bank account no such laws can regulate that. The money goes to the UBS AG with an anonymity seal to protect you from hazards.

In certain countries the government sometimes checks the tax return and other tax related information. They never go into the deep and check individual identity unless some international security activity is suspected. It is not Governments duty to check your account details as they assume that it is legal. Obviously, while opening the account you must affirm that your bank and the bank poker site are legitimate and the transactions are legal.

- What are the procedures you need to face? -

There are certain steps and they are:

Step #1: First you need to open your account with Swiss Bank.

Step #2: Now you need to open an account with your poker site that you trust.

Step #3: After that you need to go through the verification process. It is important before you open the bank account with Swiss Bank.

Step #4: You need to provide the proper proof of your identity and the online poker site. The bank will verify first to check whether everything is fine or not.

Step #5: After all these you need to authorize the transfer to your poker account from Swiss bank.

Swiss bank plays a crucial part like Fire pay or Neteller. You can withdraw via whatever medium you feel is good. It can be wire, bank check or anything. Your security will be guaranteed.

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